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Creating Opportunities & Managing Risk
in the Transition to Net Zero


Patrick Crittenden is the Director of the Sustainable Business Group Pty Ltd. He is an advisor, trainer and facilitator providing services to governments and business on strategies to accelerate corporate sustainability and progress towards net zero.

Patrick has partnered with clients on projects that span climate change strategy, government policy and program design, training and education, policy evaluation and stakeholder engagement. He has a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney where he examined strategic change practices for energy management and corporate sustainability in business. This website showcases Patrick's work.


Featured Projects
NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change 
Evaluation of the Net Zero Pathways Pilot Program and development of a Net Zero Framework for business

Patrick conducted desktop research and concept design to develop a draft Net Zero Framework that was then applied by 20 businesses and 10 consultants participating in the second OECC Net Zero Pathways Pilot. This work built on an evaluation of the first Net Zero Pathways Pilot that Patrick completed in collaboration with Alan Pears of RMIT University. A public version of this first evaluation report is available here


The International Energy Agency (IEA)
Review of energy and greenhouse reporting programs

Patrick Crittenden was contracted by the IEA to provide input to a review of disclosure regimes associated with global energy efficiency programs. An initial summary of this analysis is included in the IEA report ‘The evolution of energy efficiency policy to support clean energy transitions’ (April 2023) which is providing important insights and direction for the G7 energy and climate agenda.




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