Building the business case for energy efficiency projects


Energy efficiency training and advice designed to improve the success-rate of business case proposals for energy efficiency projects

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) contracted Patrick Crittenden of Sustainable Business to lead, deliver and provide follow-up support to industry representatives looking to improve the quality, effectiveness and, ultimately, the success-rate of business case proposals for energy efficiency projects. The need for skills development and support in this area has been highlighted by previous research including the National Strategy for Energy Efficiency Assessment Skills.


  • Conduct research with industry stakeholders to clarify the training needs of potential participants and to incorporate industry leading examples and practices into the training design.

  • Develop and pilot the training with a team of inhouse personnel from OEH

  • Revise the training and deliver it in Sydney and Newcastle

  • Provide follow-up support to training participants to help them improve the effeciency and effectiveness of their business case proposals

Training outcomes

The training and follow-up support has been designed to help participants to:

  • Identify the organisational stakeholders that can influence a business case proposal and develop strategies  to involve and influence them

  • Select and apply the most effective financial analysis methodologies, including Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value, to communicate the value of your projects.

  • Quantify and promote the multiple business benefits that energy efficiency projects can deliver

  • Access innovative energy efficiency financing options to help implement proposals. 

  • Present a clear and compelling argument for energy efficiency projects in both formal and informal settings.


​More information:

The training invitations and dates are available here

More information about the course itself is available here 





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