Energy Efficiency Forum - Learning from Global Leaders

16 September, 2015
Customs House, Circular Quay, Sydney

The City of Sydney and the Private Buildings Efficiency Network of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group


MC the Energy Efficiency Forum - Learning from Global Leaders event held on 16 September 2015 in Sydney. This commission also involved assisting in workshop design and briefing speakers in preparation for the event.


Forum aims

The aims of the event were to provide a forum in which City of Sydney stakeholders and C40 guests:

  • are informed of and inspired by the innovative approaches to energy efficiency in that are being adopted by Cities around the world

  • connect with a global network of city government sustainability leaders

  • suggest ways in which we can collaborate further to drive energy efficiency in private buildings


In its role as a network leader within the C40 Cities climate leadership group, the City is proud to be hosting sustainability leaders from 12 global Cities to collaborate in the development of policy, programs and incentives aimed at improving residential and commercial building energy efficiency within our Cities.


Hear how issues, opportunities and solutions in other global cities including London, San Francisco, Tokyo and many more compare to those of Sydney and how do those city governments, communities and industries respond.


How can we improve our outcomes here in Sydney?


Social Media

The Twitter hashtag #C40EEForum provided participants with an opportunity to share their insights and to ask questions. View the tweets here


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