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NSW Energy Efficient Government Workshop



The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage



The Sustainable Government team at OEH assist government agencies in NSW to improve their sustainability performance. An important component of this work is to provide government agencies with the consultants they need to identify and implement improvements. This is a well-established program and a number of consultants and contractors have contributed significantly to program outcomes through the application of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs).


Design and faciltate a half day workshop for the government team and their panel of consultants in order to:

  • Update consultants on the latest policies and practices required under the Enegy Efficient Government program

  • Create a collaborative environment in which consultants and government staff can share perspectives on challenges and opportunities associated with the program

  • Establish clearly defined communication protocols to enhance and maintain effective communication between the government team and consultant panel on an ongoing basis.



Feedback on the workshop was extremely positive. The consultants appreciated the clear communication of new policies and procedures that were provided by government staff. There were also a number of highly constructive interactive sessions which lead to the development of a shared understanding of the program and how it could operate efficiently. Since the workshop a number of additional communication protocols have been established that will improve information flow on an ongoing basis.




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