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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Teaching Resources




The Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (now known as the Department of Education)


A team from the Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability (Macquarie University) project managed by Patrick Crittenden. Team members included Sandra Nichols, Professor Suzanne Benn and Anna Knutzelius.


  • Develop a set of teaching resources in energy efficiency and renewable energy for students in the tertiary education sector.

  • Design the resources to support educators with incorporating energy efficiency into existing education and training programs or to develop new short courses.

  • Design the resrouces to provide students with the understanding, skills and capabilities to incorporate concerns about energy efficiency and renewable energy into their personal and working lives.

  • Deliver the project over the period March to December 2010



The teaching resources can be downloaded from the ARIES website.


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