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Industrial energy efficiency policies and programs - what works?


Presentation at the National Energy Efficiency Conference 2016
Sydney, Australia
November 16, 2016



Patrick Crittenden was invited by the Energy Efficiency Council of Australia to present the findings from his research and experience on what works best in relation to energy efficiency policies and programs for industry in Australia and around the world.


In this engaging presentation Patrick presents a policy design framework that goes beyond a focus on 'barrier models' to incorporate a more effective focus on 'good practice energy efficiency'. The framework links policy measures across the project development life cycle and energy management initiatives to demonstrate how complementary policies focused on multiple business beneifts can deliver the most effective outcomes for policy makers and the industrial businesses that are the target of the policy.


Following the presentation Patrick participated in panel discussion with Dr. Brian Motherway, Head of Energy Eficiency at the International Energy Agency, Alan Pears, Senior Industry Fellow at RMIT University of Technology and Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy at the Australian Energy Efficiency Council.



Download the conference program here

Download the presentation here


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