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Reducing Economic Impact through Collaborative Climate Change Planning



Futureproofing Our Cities Conference

The William and Anita Newman Conference Center

151 East 25th Street, New York

March 14, 2013




This conference examined the economic challenges, opportunities, and pathways to creating urban regions that are more resilient physically, socially, and economically. Conference presenters discussed the key economic problems, potential economic solutions, and the potential pathways that can bridge these problems and solutions in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Patrick Crittenden presented a case study which highlighted the recent economic impacts of severe weather events in Australia. He also provided practical insights into the risk management and planning strategies that the real estate community and other stakeholders are implementing in order to build adaptive capacity and resilience in the face of climate change related weather events.

More information about the conference is available from the list of past events at the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute website


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