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In-house building management team training in energy efficiency



The GPT (General Property Trust) Group


Sustainable Business and Jones Lang LaSalle with funding provided by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

  • Design and pilot a training program for building operations teams to deliver energy savings in commercial buildings by improving the frequency and effectiveness by which the building operations team utilises energy sub-meter data

  • Write up the training as a package to allow other training and commercial property owners to implement the training

  • Evaluate the outcomes from the training

About the training

​The training:

  • is practical and applied

  • Involves 4 x 2 hour workshops delivered over an 8 week period.

  • Is targeted at the building operations team (facilities manager, mechanical, electrical and controls contractors) in a specific building

  • Is intended to be supported by coaching on technical issues between workshops

  • Involves development of an action plan that is presented to a senior asset or other key manager in the final workshop session.


Evaluation of the pilot program applied within The GPT Group highlighted that by the end of the training building operations teams involved had:

  • A better understanding of energy use in their buildings and the action they could take to improve energy efficiency​

  • Implemented processes that meant they reviewed energy data on a more regular basis

  • Improved collaboration on energy and other building management issues within the operations teams

  • Implemented projects that had saved energy and contributed towards a higher NABERS energy rating of the buildings involved


Patrick Crittenden in currently customising and delivering the training for a number of other property groups including the Government Property NSW.

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