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The Leadership and Change for Energy Efficiency in Accounting and Management Project


Teleconference presentation to the Global Superior Energy Performance Task Force on the Qualified Workforce (a component of the Energy Management Task Force)
October 25, 2012




​In this teleconference presentation Patrick Crittenden described Australia’s Leadership and Change for Energy Efficiency in Accounting and Management project. The primary aim of this project is to develop the awareness, skills and knowledge that current and future accountants and business managers need to actively progress the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives in the workplace.


The presentation included the following topics:

  • the rationale for the program including why accountants and managers from undergraduate students through to senior level managers were the target audience for the training

  • each of the training and education interventions and the materials developed

  • lessons learnt from the project 

  • strategies for building on and further engaging managers and accountants in the topic of energy efficiency



The presentation can be downloaded here

Further information on the Leadership and Change for Energy Efficiency Project is available here

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