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Policy Pathway: Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


International Energy Agency, Paris
Published in December 2015

Patrick Crittenden was contracted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) to develop a publication for the IEA Policy Pathway series. The series aims to help countries and practitioners to implement effective policies to improve energy efficiency. The publications are based on direct experience, research, expert workshops and best-practice case studies. The series outlines the essential steps and milestones for policy development and implementation.  


The topic for this publication is the development of energy efficiency programmes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). On Novermber 27, 2014 an expert workshop was held in Paris to review the first draft and to obtain new ideas and perspectives. Presentations from the workshop can be accessed here.


Important input was also obtained through two IPEEC (International Partnership on Energy Efficiency Co-operation) Energy Management Action Network workshops held in Sydney, Australia and New Delhi, India


The publication was launched during COP21 in Paris on 3 December 2015. It can be downloaded here.



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