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Executive Seminar on Energy Productivity


Project Description

This joint industry/ university research project involved surveys of 127 high rise commercial buildings in Australia. The research outcomes highlighted the significant influence of management practices on energy performance outcomes in buildings. In order to promote the research and support improved uptake of energy management practices in the real estate sector, I provided communications and capacity building advice to industry participants which led to the development of an ‘energy efficiency toolbox’ which is being incorporated into a number of existing training programs.

The Low Energy High Rise project was an industry research and capacity building project hosted by the Warren Centre at the University of Sydney. It involved the leading commercial property owners and real estate services providers in Australia working together to progress the uptake of energy efficiency initiatives in the commercial building sector.

In LEHR Stage 1, a survey was conducted that highlighted significant low and no cost opportunities to reduce energy use in Australia’s commercial building stock through improved management practices.


In LEHR Stage 2, materials and tools were developed to support the implementation of five key initiatives in buildings (as identified in Stage 1) to deliver low and no cost energy efficiency savings. The key initiatives are: improved management; monitoring and reporting; implementation of fundamental technical initiatives; improved tenant fit out; and, training.


Sustainable Business was a Platinum Sponsor of LEHR Stage 2. Patrick Crittenden was also a member of the project steering committee and provided advice on the structural design of the materials and tools that were developed through the project.

More information​

Key documents from Stage 1, including the LEHR Research Survey and Suite of Initiatives Report, can be downloaded here.

A slide presentation providing an overview of both stages is available here.

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