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Lessons learned at the Energy Efficiency Opportunities workshops


Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

  •     Analyse presentations, transcripts and notes from industry presentations, panel discussions and small group work that formed part of the the Annual Energy Efficiency Opportunities workshops (typically attended by around 600 energy efficiency practitioners each year).

  • Identify emerging themes with regard to energy efficiency achievements, challenges and future opportunities.

  • Identify strategies that practitioners can use to drive stategic change for energy efficiency within their organisations.

  • Write an accessible and engaging document that practitioners can use to develop new ideas and approaches to drive energy efficiency improvement.


Patrick Crittenden has worked with Helen Lewis (from Helen Lewis Research) to develop publications based on the 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 workshops. These publications have been provided to participants at a number of public capacity building events and electronic copies are published on the Australian Government's Energy Energy Efficiency  Exchange website.



More information:

A description of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities workshop project is available here.

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