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Design and facilitation of the stakeholder engagement workshops to review the NatHERS strategic plan



The Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science



The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)  is an initiative of the COAG Energy Council. The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science administers NatHERS on behalf of of state, territory and Commonwealth governments through theBuildings Committee of the Council’s Energy Working Group (EWG).


Industry stakeholders had highlighted that there were a number of issues associated with the existing strategic plan. To address these issues it was determined that a new strategic plan would be developed in a manner that both informed stakeholderse of the operating context while providing significant opportunities for stakeholders to provide input to the plan.



Work with the Department to design and faciliate two one-day workshops. The first, held in December 2014 provided stakeholders with an opportunity to explore the range of issues that they felt needed to be addressed in the strategic plan. The second workshop, held in May 2015 involved a presentation of the draft plan and provided and opportunity for stakeholders to suggest any required modifications prior to finalisation of the plan.



The open and collaborative approach adopted throughout the consultation process built stakeholder confidence in the administration of the scheme. Feedback on the workshops highlighted the value in investing the time required to both inform and obtain input from stakeholders throughout strategic planning processes - particularly where there are a large number of uncertainties and in programs that rely on a high level of stakeholder interaction and support.


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