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Peer review of a report examining disclosure options for the UK 'Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme'


Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC, UK)


Conduct a review a report into the impact of central and public disclosure methods for reporting energy use and energy efficiency within the context of the introduction of the 'Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme' (ESOS)


Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive  requires all Member States to introduce a programme of regular energy audits for large (non-SME) enterprises.


While the Directive prescribes many of the key features that ESOS must include, it does include some limited scope for flexibility and interpretation. The Government consulted on the design of the proposed scheme from July to October 2013 and commissioned a review of existing evidence to inform which of six compliance disclosure options would be most effective at delivering the objectives of ESOS.


DECC engaged a consultant to conduct a rapid evidence review to critically evaluate potential disclosure options. Patrick Crittenden from Sustainable Business conducted a peer review the draft document submitted by consultants. The review supported the government in assessing the rigor and content of the proposals made in the consultant report.



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