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Change Leadership in a time of Climate Change: 

Learning from Corporate Leaders


Keynote Presentation
William and Anita Newman
Conference Center
151 East 25th Street, New York
November 22, 2013




We live in a time of accelerating climate change. For the corporate real estate community this means increasing pressure from regulators, customers and investors to manage assets in ways that reduce the physical impacts of extreme weather events and rising energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. These changes present both risks and opportunities to businesses. 


On the 'opportunity' side reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency can reduce operating costs, attract and retain tenants, help to reposition and futureproof buildings, reduce exposure to legislative obligations and enhance corporate reputation. However, building owners in NYC and around the world have not yet obtained the full business benefits from energy efficiency improvement. So what do firms within the real estate community need to do to realise these benefits?


To answer this question, Patrick Crittenden sought out the leading real estate firms and practitioners in the Australian real estate community. These firms have consistently been rated as global leaders in energy efficiency and environmental improvement in the real estate sector [1]. Patrick conducted interviews, reviewed public reports and analysed the public presentations of leading practitioners within these firms. He found that the fundamental point of difference between successful businesses was that they were approaching energy efficiency improvement through a change leadership paradigm. This contrasts with the more usaul approach in which energy efficiency is viewed as a technical initiative where the focus is on incremental improvement rather than organisational transformation.


In this keynote presentation Patrick will:

  • Describe the key energy climate change risks and opportunities faced by the real estate community

  • Introduce the concept of change leadership and explain its relevance to corporate leaders

  • Discuss the change leadership strategies that successful practitioners have applied to accerate energy efficiency improvement and to manage the emerging business risks associated with accelerating climate change




Two White Papers will be launched at the conference under the theme of Change Leadership in Climate Change.

Click on each title to access a summary and to download the papers


Part 1:'Integrating Climate Change into Strategic Planning'' 


Part 2:'Accelerating Energy Efficiency Improvement in Commercial Real Estate'


You can view the media release that describes the conference here




[1] For an assessment of corporate environmental leadership in the real estate community see:

GRESB Foundation 2011, 'Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Research Report 2011'.

GRESB Foundation 2012, 'Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Research Report 2012'.


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