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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) – German Development Organisation and the Mongolian Ministry of Energy


The Mongolian Government is proposing to introduce an Energy Efficiency Law that would require large energy consuming entities to employ a certified energy manager and to contract an accredited energy auditor firm to prepare a report on potential energy savings. 



Develop and implement a stakeholder engagement strategy for the introduction of the proposed Energy Efficiency Law and conduct various other research tasks drawing on International experience.



Patrick Crittenden has worked with the GIZ and Mongolian Government teams since December 2012. To date, the following reports have been submitted:


Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement Strategy

Based on stakeholder interviews conducted in December 2012 with personnel in government and industry, this report describes key stakeholder groups and proposes a stakeholder engagement strategy to support the successful implementation of the proposed Energy Efficiency Law for businesses and other large energy consuming entities.


Research Report on the Energy Management Practices of Designated Consumers

A 38 question survey was developed and completed by 325 entities expected to have obligations under the proposed Energy Efficiency Law. The research will serve as a baseline measure of energy management practices and highlighted important barriers and challenges associated with the implementation of the proposed Law.


Benefits of the Mongolian Energy Efficiency Law

This report examined existing research on the macroeconomic benefits of energy efficiency policy. It then highlighted the range of economic, social and environmental benefits associated with the implementation of the legislation that could be expected to be achieved in the Mongolian context. The report has been incorporated into the Regulatory Impact Assessment for the proposed law. 


Material to Promote Energy Efficiency and the Proposed Law

Existing communication and case study material that has been developed by government's and NGOs around the world was reviewed in this report. Relevant material has subsequently been translated into Mongolian to promote the benefits of energy efficiency and the proposed energy efficiency law to businesses and other relevant stakeholders.

Mongolian Energy Efficiency Law - Stakeholder Strategy

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