Accelerate Sustainability Performance


Accelerate Sustainability Performance (ASP) is a benchmarking and organisational change program that delivers improved sustainability and business performance across commercial office and retail building portfolios.



  • Drive sustainability performance in a strategic and structured way


  • Compare sustainability management across a buildings portfolio and promote leading practice


  • Align sustainability management practices in newly-acquired buildings 


  • Enhance the value and use of data that is already being captured and reported





1. Independent benchmarking


A desktop survey and interviews are carried out to understand the sustainability policies and practices in place at the corporate, portfolio and buildings levelThe benchmarking categories are consistent with the Global Real Estate Investment Benchmark (GRESB) however, they go into greater depth due to the focus on performance at the individual building level.

2. Stakeholder engagement


A series of practical and outcomes-focused workshops are conducted with the building management team including facility manager, contractors (controls, mechanical, electrical) and other relevant stakeholders. These further inform the desktop benchmarking and result in a structured sustainability performance improvement plan.



3. Sustainability performance improvement plan

This is presented to portfolio managers to obtain input, funding and management support for the actions that will be adopted over the next 12 months.


The following organisations have been involved in the stakeholder engagement component of the program:





  • Jones Lang LaSalle 






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